Redefining Recalls. Together. 

The Recall Ready Community Alliance is bringing together leaders in the food and grocery industries to help the FDA solve one of the industry's biggest challenges: Standardizing the recall management process to improve communication and consumer confidence.

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Recall Ready Community Alliance

Our purpose 

A company in the midst of a recall doesn’t exist in a vacuum, but the supply chain currently reacts as though it does. By creating expectations around how data is communicated and recalls are practiced and processed, the Recall Ready Community Alliance aims to make recalls more efficient by getting everyone on the same page.


increase in  total units recalled by the fda in 2022.

$10 million

average cost of a food recall


average number of days it takes to recall a product once an issue is identified


identified hospitalizations and deaths related to foodborne illnesses in 2022.

Our focus areas 

Report accurate data in a timely manner

Standardize usage of common terms and data formats for businesses and provide consumer-friendly documents to assure accurate communication.

Establish how recall events are conducted

Set expectations for regular training and education, as well as performance during both mock and actual recalls.

Improve how recalls are measured

Recall simulations should be conducted regularly between trading partners to gather data and identify areas of improvement.

Recall InfoLink's commitment

Since Recall InfoLink was created more than 10 years ago, we've been dedicated to protecting consumers and businesses with fast and efficient product recalls. That's why it was so important for us to take a leading role with the Recall Ready Community Alliance. Our CEO, Roger Hancock, is the chairman of the group and over the next several months, will work closely with industry leaders to help the FDA standardize the process, data and reporting that occurs during a recall event.


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