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By preparing ahead of time, you can confidently handle product recalls with ease, reducing the impact on your brand's reputation and instilling confidence along your supply chain.

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Our standardized recall format leads you step-by-step through the process. With the ability to enter data just once and distribute it across your entire network, our system is built on industry-standard GS1 protocols and supports importing user, customer, and item lists.

communicate efficiently

Once a recall is initiated, communication happens automatically, giving responders access to the data they need to take action.

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You don't have 
to do it alone

Recall InfoLink is part of your team. Whether we are guiding you through mock recalls or supporting your efforts during the real thing, our experienced experts will be here to help you through.

Easy to use

Our intuitive platform and expert support team lets you streamline your recall process and handle product removal with confidence.

Perform mock recalls

Train for the future with mock recalls guided by our team of experts and supplemented with our help center and resource library.

Track progress

Track event progress across the supply chain in real-time and automatically document everything for business and compliance needs.


Recalls supported since 2008


Years serving customers across the supply chain

Be recall ready and get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your brand and consumers are protected.

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