South County EDC Hosts the Young Entrepreneurs Academy

 Opportunity for High School Students! 
Now Accepting Applications 2024 - 2025 Year. 

We are thrilled to announce that the South County EDC will be hosting the Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA) program in South County starting this October 2024. 
The YEA program encompasses a structured approach to business development. 

The YEA program is a remarkable initiative designed to empower young students and help them navigate the journey of building and opening their very first business. At the heart of this program is a robust curriculum that not only imparts essential entrepreneurial knowledge but also connects our students with influential community business leaders who can guide and inspire them. 

Why Enroll in YEA?

Expert Mentorship 
Our students will receive invaluable guidance and mentorship from local business leaders with diverse areas of expertise. This mentorship will be instrumental in helping them navigate the entrepreneurial landscape.

Business Planning 
The program will equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary to create a solid business plan, laying the foundation for their ventures.

Navigating Regulations
We will assist students in understanding and obtaining the necessary permits and licenses required for their businesses.

Pitching Skills
Young entrepreneurs will receive training on how to effectively pitch their business ideas, a critical skill for attracting investors and customers.

Access to Funding
YEA! will provide opportunities for students to seek startup funding, helping them turn their ideas into profitable ventures.

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Students will have the chance to develop a comprehensive business plan and take the practical steps necessary to establish a working business. Throughout the program, we will also pair students with mentors and other industry professionals who can provide guidance on various aspects of their business journey, such as business plans, permits, licenses, and preparing to pitch their business ideas for seed funding.

We recognize that you have a keen eye for identifying students with exceptional potential and the drive to succeed. We are seeking your assistance in pinpointing those students who would greatly benefit from this program. Your recommendations are invaluable to us, and we trust that your insights will help us select the most promising young entrepreneurs for this incredible opportunity.

To provide more information about the YEA program to your students and their families, we have attached a brochure that outlines the program's key features and benefits. We encourage you to share this brochure with your students, have them discuss the opportunity with their families, and if the program aligns with their aspirations, invite them to apply. 

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