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Most websites are underperforming and many are even vulnerable. We've developed affordable monthly packages that address core concerns and give your website the power to perform. Website optimization is critical to online success, and that is important to every organization.

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Tech Set-up

Our initial set-up includes an analysis to list vulnerabilities and a plan to address them.

Technical & Security Updates

Your website relies on a myriad of software, plug-ins and apps to display and function properly. The internet is constantly evolving, and all that software needs to change to remain compatible and protect your website from hacks.

Ensure that your website is running properly and is secure and protected against malicious attacks — keep your software up-to-date and test your website regularly.

Our Technical Maintenance Program is a quarterly service that includes:

  • Download your website to our development server to perform updates and test
  • Install WordPress security and software updates
  • Install security and software updates for plug-ins, apps, databases
  • Test to ensure new software is working properly with no conflicts
  • Upload to your host server and re-test
  • Scan for broken links and provide list
  • Archive a complete site back-up on a remote server

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SEO Set-up

To prep your website for SEO success, we conduct an in-depth reporting on structure and content deficiencies, keyword usage, etc. We also review and fix SEO foundations for every page. This includes installing and setting up an SEO plug-in, fixing header structure, setting up Google My Business and more.

SEO Optimization

Complying with Google’s Onsite Best Practices and engineered for Google bot’s maximum readability including micro structuring data, we will make sure that your site’s on-site elements are optimized for maximum search engine ranking. We provide monthly reports with valuable data on top pages, competitor discovery, etc.

Includes factors such as:

  • Information/Content architecture
  • Internal Linking Architecture
  • Balance Keyword and Internal Link Dilution
  • External Outgoing Links Relevancy
  • Keyword Opposition Benefit Analysis
  • Micro Data Structuring
  • Page Titles and Descriptions
  • Keywords around internal hyperlink (Contextual Orbital relevance)
  • Offsite
  • Incoming Link Portfolio Balance Strategy
  • Disavowing harming incoming links
  • News article submission
  • Authentic comments submission
  • Optimize Google My Business

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Content Set-up

During our initial set-up and planning, we will consult with your team to develop a content strategy and create a detailed editorial calendar to guide the process. We'll also consider your branding and how to best support that with design updates.

Content and Design

Keep your website topical and targeted with fresh and strategic content and engaging design. Your audience, and Google, appreciate new content tailored to their interests and needs.

This package provides at least 10 hours strategic guidance and planning, design and editorial expertise, with ongoing professional services to strengthens your website and help it perform better.

Our ongoing content and design services include:

  • Content Architecture Audit
  • Navigation Persuasion Engineering
  • Content Strategy Review
  • Editorial Calendar Refining
  • Creation of Icons, Graphics and Infographics
  • Writing Blogs, Info Sections and Call-outs
  • Editing Supplied Content
  • Incorporating Brand in Editorial and Graphic Elements

Value-based pricing

Take advantage of professional expertise and effective websites at affordable monthly rates.

technical & security


Per Month*

Get Started
  • Initial set-up starts at $280*
  • Protect your website from malicious attacks and improve functionality.
search optimization


Per Month*

Get Started
  • Initial set-up starts at $1,000*
  • Arm your website with the tools, structure and words to attract more traffic. 
Design & Content


Per Month*

Get Started
  • Initial set-up starts at $1,400*
  • Bolster your brand, engagement and conversions with strategic content updates.

SAVE! Get all 3 Packages for $1,389/month*

Power up your website to maximize its effectiveness. Benefit from ongoing technical and security updates, SEO improvements, design and content additions. 

*All quoted prices: Applicable taxes are extra. Additional charges may be applicable for large or complex websites.

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