Improved Accessibility = Improved Results


What's required to make your website accessibility compliant? Find out.

An accessible website can both expand your market and make your website rank higher with search engines. It will also make your site AODA compliant (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act) and avoid potentially significant fines.

But it’s difficult to know where to start — many of the markers that make websites accessible are hidden in the code. A professional audit provides a detailed roadmap.

PROSAR’s AODA audit shows you all the hidden markers, with details on how to achieve compliance. By the way, these details are the same ones that increase the SEO benefit of a website. Get a thorough analysis and guide to improve your website and meet AODA requirements.

  • Detailed instruction on how to make and maintain compliance
  • Programming improvements
    • Content organization tips
    • Alternate text instructions
    • PDFs evaluation
    • Audio/visual files reviewed

Note: The cost to perform a competent accessibility audit depends on several factors. Please complete this form, we'll the review your website and provide to reliable quote. If you choose PROSAR to implement the changes required to make your website AODA compliant, you will be credited the cost of the accessibility audit.