2020 Susteen Mobile Forensics Training Grant

All Departments Can Apply Including State Agencies.

Application form is located at the bottom of this page.

Grant Background

This grant is set up for law enforcement agencies to acquire much needed Mobile Forensics Software and training for their departments. Law enforcement agencies are having trouble keeping up with increasing amounts of cases involving cell phone data. Agencies have to ship cell phones to outside sources for their mobile forensic needs. This is time consuming and can lead to a loss of data or legal precedence. The Susteen Mobile Forensics Training Grant allows law enforcement agencies the ability to acquire their own mobile forensic software at steeply discounted prices. Agencies can now obtain multiple licenses and receive training with the grant. 2020 Update: Recent surveys have shown that obtaining evidence data in the field is now a top priority for law enforcement agencies. The new field triage device can be acquired as part of this program or by itself.


1. Qualified Agencies should have less than 160 sworn officers/deputies 
2. Qualified Agency shall have a need for mobile forensic software or training 
3. Agency employee must be able to attend on-demand training for up-to 12 hours (does not need to be continuous) of total time. 

Description of Project

Goals: The Susteen Mobile Forensic Training Grant should be used by law enforcement agencies to help better build cases and increase conviction rates. This should be a benefit to the community that they serve. 

Objectives: The grant’s objective is to allow law enforcement agencies to have quick access to and training on, state-of-the-art mobile forensic tools in use throughout the USA. 

Process: Return application below and allocate matching funds. Grants are available on an immediate needs basis. Grant is non-competitive as it is first come, first serve. 

Outcome: This grant aims to allow up to 50 agencies nation wide the ability to obtain mobile-forensic software and training at a steeply discounted rate.

Description of the Product and What is Included with This Grant

Mobile Forensic Training: Learn how to acquire, analyze and report on mobile forensic data found on cell phones and tablet computers. Learn how to preserve evidence data from devices, Physical vs. File System vs Logical vs ADB Rooting: New link-screen technology. App analysis: SQL, DB Forensics, Time formats in files. Analyze using Timeline, Link Graph, Prime List/ Etc. Use of desktop view and how to locate, view and share evidence data with D.A. and prosecuting attorney. 

DATAPILOT 10: A first-of-its-kind field triage device for acquiring data in the field or back in the lab. The portable device is in use throughout the United States with hundreds of agencies and allows LE personnel to quickly acquire evidence from cell phones and tablet computers. Techno Power Kit for added field capabilities.

Digital Forensic Analytics: Acquire evidence in the lab, analyze and report on evidence. Analyze evidence with link analysis, timeline, keyword search, activity map and gallery. View all data including application data and deleted data when applicable. Create evidence reports for use in court and flag individual files with notes. 

APEX: Physical Analyzer for viewing .dd and .bin files of physical acquisitions from cell phones. Drill into database files, PLIST files and iTunes backup files for increased analyzing of mobile devices. Carve deleted data from evidence acquisitions. 


Susteen understands that federal funds have become harder to receive. Departments do not have the average $9,500-$18,500 needed to purchase a mobile forensic software suite plus the additional cost of training. Nor do they have the time or resources to drive to other jurisdictions for help in acquiring cell phone data. This grant drastically cuts down the cost of acquiring DATAPILOT 10, currently in use by the USSS, DHS and various other Law Enforcement agencies. Certified mobile forensic training on the device is included as well at no additional cost.

Work Plan/Timeline

All applications for the Susteen Mobile Forensic Training Grant must be received prior to July 17, 2020 and agency funds must be received by September 25, 2020. 

Grant is non-competitive and is issued on a first come first serve basis for no more than 50 law enforcement agencies. Please return application at your earliest convenience. 

Equipment is shipped directly to LE agency, once equipment is received, user must register for certified training and complete before using the forensic device.

Agencies may choose any (or all) of the options below (options included in form at the end of this page).

Certified Mobile Forensic Training with DataPilot 10

MSRP: $4,985
Grant Pays: $2,140 (43%)
Cost Per License to Law Enforcement Agency: $2,845
Amount of Licenses Needed (Max 3): 1 or 2

Certified Mobile Forensic Training with DataPilot 10, APEX and analytics

MSRP: $9,975
Grant Pays: $3,640 (36%)
Cost Per License to Law Enforcement Agency: $6,335
Amount of Licenses Needed (Max 3): 1 or 2

Live On-Site Training for up to 8 Personnel with 3 DATAPILOT 10 devices, APEX and analysis

MSRP: $33,920
Grant Pays: $14,895 (44%)
Cost Per License to Law Enforcement Agency: $19,025

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