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Ready to evolve your business strategy to include collaborative tools and workflow management systems?


Are you overwhelmed by the infrastructure needed to implement a content management solution?
Trust Konica Minolta’s Secure Cloud Information Management to remove the guesswork and headaches of your content and document management goals.We have built an all-in-one information management platform delivered as a simple subscription service, to power your document and content management strategy. 

Automate your business with intelligent workflows.

Effortlessly collaborate with coworkers and increase employee productivity.

Create a platform for document sharing without the headache of upgrading your IT infrastructure and maintaining the systems.

Boost productivity with easy to implement automation. Our Secure Cloud Information Management offers out-of-the-box intelligent workflows to alleviate process bottlenecks that can slow you down.

• Automatically assign tasks and duties to responsible parties
• Electronically store, organize and index content for easier retrieval
• Automate approval processes
• Reduce paper usage. Obtain, collect and store information electronically with the use of e-forms

Facilitate better teamwork among your employees and business partners. Get results easier and faster.

• Collaborate on business projects and share documentation no matter your location
• Keep track of document versions with check-in/check-out features
• Upload multiple file-formats for secure storage and streamline employee access to data
• Integrate easily with Microsoft® Office 365 integrations to share documents and content
• Optimize your Microsoft® Office software investments with out-of-the-box Scan plugins
• Approve documents on-demand. Integrate electronic signatures to sign-off on key decisions while on-the-go

Get real peace of mind and turnkey compliance with our secure-by-design Cloud Information Management solution. Protect your sensitive content and documentation from accidental deletions, disasters, and today’s cyber threats. 

• Easily enable various levels of secure access to documents to protect sensitive information
• Protect your business and ensure compliance with a system of audit trails, security controls, user history and record retention
• Encrypt your documentation at all levels to protect from cybersecurity threats
• Satisfy today’s increasing compliance and privacy demands with comprehensive records management. Control how your documents are stored and when they’re destroyed
• Ensure business continuity with cloud-based data backups. Sleep well knowing your content and documents are protected from catastrophic events such as floods, fires and theft.

Why consider a Cloud provider for your information management?

No upfront infrastructure expenses


No more worries about having the right server and storage systems to host and run your information management tools. You get instant access to the infrastructure you need, paying only for what you use. Let our team manage the back end systems so you can focus on your business performance.

With a leading Canadian cloud provider like Konica Minolta and our IT Services Division, security, availability and quality of service are guaranteed. Stop worrying about hardware and software maintenance and endless upkeep. Secure Cloud Information Management can help free up your time and simplify your approach to document management systems. With Secure Cloud Information Management, you get an all-in-one information management platform, offered as a service. Deliver instant productivity and real peace of mind.

Don’t stress about maintaining, securing and upgrading your servers and operating systems.

• Use only what you need. No need to own and manage costly infrastructure that’s often under-utilized.
• Pay for additional resources only when they are needed and stop paying for resources that are no longer needed.

Let us be the expert on technology so that you focus on what matters most to you! Trust our all-in-one information management platform Secure Cloud Information Management. Your data is safe in our 100% Canadian Cloud. Our systems are systems boast SOC 2 Type II accreditation for premier security and regulatory compliance. Peace of mind knowing your data is backed up in cutting-edge cloud technology, archiving and offsite data replication. Need to feel more secure? Our offering comes with a standard support option of 8 AM - 9 PM EST Monday-Friday Call Email Support for the designated System Administrator.

Standard Package

Are you a small business in need of an information management system for up to 5 employees? Get started with the Standard Package.

Up to 5 Users
250 GB
Standard Deployment Package

Professional Package

Need something a little more powerful? Don’t want to be limited by the number of users? Choose the professional package.

Unlimited Users
500 GB
Professional Deployment Package

Workflow Add-on

Automate your workflows. 
Eliminated redundant tasks.


E-Forms Add-on

Digitize your paper-based forms with E-Forms. Gain control over your consumer data.

$500/Business Entity/Month


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