On the front line of a ‘data war’: how to harness external data for underwriting

There is a data war going on. Insurers are striving to use different combinations of external data to give them a competitive edge. When it comes to using external data for underwriting, you need to experiment and invest. You need to bring existing technology and data up to speed while simultaneously pursuing new sources of data.  

How can you efficiently get the best insights to drive your strategy forward? Find out in this new report with insights from these insurance leaders:

• Megan McConnell, Chief Underwriting Officer, Hiscox 

• Kassie Bryan, Head Solutions P&C Americas, Swiss Re 

• Simon Perry, Insurance Client Director, Precisely 

• Moderator: Wyn Jenkins, Managing Editor,  Intelligent Insurer

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By reading the report you will find out:

• Overcome the challenges of leveraging external data: How do you assess quality of datasets, get cultural buy-in, balance customer privacy, navigate the regulatory landscape and keep legacy systems up to date 

• Be confident in your data: Understand the importance of scoring data to train AI/ML to get accurate, non-biased outputs and use AI to help you predict future risk, not just today’s risk

• Discover where to invest your money and resources to validate and verify data and understand the whole risk 

• Get tips on hiring the right people to understand and implement new platforms and capabilities correctly and use data scientists most effectively

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By reading this report you’ll get an oversight on the whole ecosystem and find out how:

•  Geospatial data
•  Aerial imagery from satellites and drones
•  Social media data
•  Financial data
•  Government and publicly available sourced data
•  Internet of things data

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