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Social inflation and the impact of COVID-19 has given the liability sector its biggest shock since the asbestos litigation of the 1970s. Back then, the industry responded by innovating. But how will the market respond to its latest shake-up?  And in what ways will data help?

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With expert insights from:

  • Loren Nickel, Director Business Risk & Insurance, Google 
  • Nancy Bewlay, Global Chief Underwriting Officer–Long Tail Lines, AXA XL 
  • Amanda Lyons, Senior Managing Director, Aon Reinsurance Solutions 
  • Bob Reville, Chief Executive Officer, Praedicat

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Check out the report now and you’ll:

  • Understand how a lack of innovation has resulted in a growing coverage gap in liability insurance and the rise of captives
  • Explore how technology and data are tackling unknown risks like COVID-19, EMF and 5G, and how big corporations are approaching liability insurance
  • Compare and contrast liability insurance with property insurance in terms of innovation, premiums, coverage gaps and the transfer to reinsurance and capital markets
  • Get insights into new products for climate change and construction, that are driving better risk management behaviours, and explore what emerging risks could be bigger than COVID-19
  • Facilitate data sharing and communication between buyers and insurance and insurers in a way that provides the right incentives and the right pricing

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By reading this report you’ll get an oversight on the whole ecosystem and find out how:

  • Insurance buyers are managing the risk of COVID-19 
  • Innovative reinsurers are pricing and covering COVID-19 using data and analytics 
  • Primary insurers are and limiting coverage and how this can be overcome

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