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The Insurtech Lounge is a new concept from Intelligent Insurer. Unlike a one-off virtual event, it provides a permanent hub for insurance executives to come together and share best practice for innovating at speed and scale, through high-level weekly broadcasts and enhanced digital networking.  You’ll be able to debate pressing issues in the market and maintain a valuable book of industry contacts.

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Five reasons to become a member of the Insurtech Lounge:

1. Access superior content on an ongoing basis: Our combination of in-depth case studies, interactive roundtables and lively panel debates will ensure you get the answers to critical questions affecting your role, company and market today

2. An interactive forum where everyone is encouraged to question and share: We create a learning, not listening, environment, so you’ll be able to put your questions to a host of panellists, submit points for discussion, and debate the issues that matter most

3. Topical, timely discussions to inform your own strategy and performance: From COVID-19, to transformation, to litigation, we talk to the C-suite all year round. Unlike a traditional live event our rolling programme is dynamic, so you’re guaranteed to get fresh perspectives straight from the higher echelons of the insurance industry

4. Make connections with those who can help you develop ideas and get new partnerships off the ground: With handshakes and exchanging business cards on hold for the time being, we provide a new era of professional networking with genuine opportunities for one-to-one meetings, so you’re guaranteed to establish and maintain critical industry relationships

5. Stay abreast of cutting-edge research and insights: With a vault of content that grows and grows, we’ll fast-track your development and understanding of game-changing innovations in the market. Tune in for your weekly dose of discovery and stay ahead of the innovation curve  

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Our weekly broadcasts will delve in the critical tech impacting insurance – here’s a taster of what you can expect in the first few weeks: 

COVID-19 and Insurtech: The Immediate Impact, Second Order Effects And The Future

- The Future of Underwriting: Powering The Data Driven Underwriter of The Future 

- Build A Workforce Fit For The Digital Economy: Debate What It Takes To Acquire And Retain A Talented, Diverse, And  Inclusive Company

- Accelerate And Capture Tangible Value From Digital Transformation: Bring Your Legacy Business Into The Digital Age

- Connecting Insurance with Non-Insurance Ecosystems Through Blockchain Technology

- Utilise Customer Data Effectively for Underwriting Life & Health insurance

- B2B2C Distribution Models: Prepare For The Rise of B2B2C Insurance Distribution

- Harness New Data Sources and Advanced Analytical Techniques For D&O

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Hear unmissable interactive addresses from leading companies such as:  


For more details on this innovative new community download the brochure now using the form on the right >> 


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Intelligent Insurer
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Download the brochure now for The Insurtech Lounge –
the digital members community for insurance innovators. 

Discover how you’ll benefit from:

- 2-3 hours per week of in-depth broadcasts
- Fireside chats with the most influential figures in Insurtech
- Exclusive content: whitepapers, polls and reports
- Networking with hundreds of senior-level insurance innovators