Standard & Poor's Global Reinsurance Highlights 2020, presented by Intelligent Insurer

Most reinsurers would agree that 2020 has been a challenging year, but does it qualify as a ‘Black Swan’, and what happens if COVID-19 losses are followed by a major catastrophe?

These and many more key questions are analysed in S&P’s Global Reinsurance Highlights 2020, published in partnership with Intelligent Insurer.

This year’s publication looks at the unprecedented impact of the pandemic on the reinsurance landscape and examines the key talking points and trends in the industry, including Lloyd’s of London’s efforts to improve underwriting performance and the global insurance protection gap on climate change.

Global Reinsurance Highlights also ranks the top 40 reinsurance groups globally by net reinsurance premiums written.

In a year of unexpected change, this year’s Global Reinsurance Highlights helps reinsurance management, investors, and other stakeholders put it all in perspective.

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This year's edition of Global Reinsurance Highlights includes: 

  • Reinsurance Outlook: Black Swan Or Not, COVID-19 Is Disrupting Global Reinsurers’ Profitability
  • Catastrophe Risk: Global Reinsurers Face Threat If COVID-19 Losses Are Followed By A Major Catastrophe
  • Lloyd’s Of London: Turning The Supertanker: Underwriting At Lloyd’s Market Changes Course
  • Protection Gap: COVID-19 Highlights Global Insurance Protection Gap On Climate Change
  • IFRS 17: Reinsurers And IFRS 17: Getting Balance Sheets Ready And On Time
  • APAC: APAC’s Costly Catastrophes: Reinsurance And More Required
  • Investments: Investment Caution Has So Far Paid Off For Global Reinsurers
  • North American Investment Stress Test: COVID-19 Market Volatility Tests North American Reinsurers’ Resilience
  • Cat Bonds: In A Correlated Market, Catastrophe Bonds Stand Out
  • Ranking The Top 40 Reinsurance Groups By Net Premiums
  • Ranking Reinsurers By Country

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