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74% of underwriters say that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digitisation of the underwriting process—how does your tech implementation strategy compare to that of your peers?

This is one of 20+ exclusive insights contained in our new survey of over 400+ underwriting experts—from driving efficiency gains to overhauling business lines, get ahead of the curve and discover how underwriting is set to evolve in 2021.

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By reading the survey you will discover:

• Which technologies are being prioritised for investment over the next 12 months—and which are expected to be at the forefront of transformation over the next five years.

What business lines are most likely to be at the epicentre of innovations driven by emerging technologies.

• The challenges to implementing emerging tech within existing frameworks, and the strategies underwriters are employing to overcome them.

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By reading this survey, you’ll gain an insight into the transformative power of emerging tech in underwriting and explore:

•  Which areas of the underwriting process have the greatest potential for efficiency gains.

•  The transformative potential of automation for underwriting.

•  The rate of return on investment for emerging tech across underwriting.

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