Report– “How AI and ML can improve claims efficiency and customer satisfaction”

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are driving a lot of the changes currently being seen within insurance, particularly in claims handling and customer interaction. But how can these technologies be most effectively integrated into the claims process? And how will they continue to grow and develop both now and in the future?

How can you efficiently get the best insights to drive your strategy forward? Find out in this new report with insights from these insurance leaders:

• Joel Farvault, Head of Data Analytics and Data Innovation, AXA
• Liz Ryan, Head of Claims Performance and Insights, Zurich
• Patricia Diaz, Director of Product Marketing, Hyperscience
• Mario Enrico, Head of Group Claims, Generali UK
• Moderator: Wyn Jenkins, Managing Editor, Intelligent Insurer

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By reading the report you will:

• Gain an understanding into how process automation can both speed up and improve decision-making within the claims process.

• Explore the role emerging technologies such as natural language processing (NLP) and optical character recognition (OCR) are playing in accessing new forms of data.

• Get insights into how integration of automated technologies with traditional human involvement is augmenting the claims process—without replacing the human element. 

• Discover how to facilitate cross-functional collaboration and flexibility to adapt as claims processes continuously evolve.

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By reading this this report, you’ll get an insight into the transformative power of AI and ML and find out:

• How process automation is enhancing and improving claims processing

• The impact of emergent technologies such as NLP and OCR on uncovering new forms of data

• How insurers are integrating technology with the pre-existing workforce to drive greater efficiency

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