Report: “Achieving business continuity in a post-COVID-19 world: establish the optimum operating model for your remote workforce”

COVID-19 has been an unprecedented challenge for the insurance industry, with flexibility, adaptability and a more tech-focused strategy becoming key watchwords for both underwriting and claims. 

How can firms adapt these to optimise their operating model for the new normal and the eventual post-pandemic future? Are all the transformations seen over the last year here to stay?

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How can you adopt your operating model to the ongoing challenges COVID-19 presents? Find out in this new report with insights from these insurance leaders:

• David David Fineberg, Head of Claims, Generali UK

• Reshma Mani, Senior Director, Product Management, Guidewire

• Paul Stachura, Chief Claims and Risk Engineering Officer, State Auto

• Moderator: Cathy Ellwood, President, Ellwood Enterprises

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By reading the report you will:

• Explore how adopting a more tech-driven approach has encouraged greater empathy in customer experience and internal operations.

• Get insights into what technologies have driven increased efficiencies in claims and underwriting processes—and where they’re set to take off next.

• Gain an understanding of how the flexibility and adaptability enabled by the pandemic have shifted working patterns across the industry, and how they are likely to evolve as we begin to return to normality.

• Discover new models of operating and find out how they are transforming the claims and underwriting process.

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By reading this this report, you’ll get insights into the accelerated pace of digitisation and learn more about:

• What a flexible operating model looks like in practice

• The impact of emerging technologies on accelerating process change

• The increasingly important role of empathy in customer experience and internal operations

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