How can insurers adequately manage and mitigate the existential risk posed to their clients from cyber attacks?

In this report, “Address Business Interruption in a Hyperconnected World” Intelligent Insurer and CyberCube discuss how to frame the scope of cyber risk, the vulnerabilities to consider, and provide practical, actionable insights to resolve these areas.

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In our exclusive report you’ll:

• Understand the evolution of connectivity, especially the IoT, the risk it poses, and how the industry can respond

• Map out and model the unprecedented risks posed by technical failures, natural disasters, and cyber risk and their aggregate impact on operations, transportation and manufacturing

• Identify practical solutions such as partnering with cybersecurity companies to conduct due diligence to underwrite robust cyber policies

 Educate your clients on how to model cyber risk in the operational technology space
Develop a strategy for dealing with silent cyber by understanding the language, policies and reinsurance contracts and how to quantify the risks

• Gain clarity on the level of involvement that can be expected from governments and other bodies and how they are collaborating to prevent cybercrime

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With the threats daunting and far-reaching, insurers will need to be ahead of the game to mitigate the risk posed to their clients from a lack of cybersecurity.

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