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Boosting the customer experience is the primary goal of the majority of claims departments. That’s what 91% of senior insurance executives believe, according to a new survey by Intelligent Insurer in association with Blue Prism.

What does the future hold for today’s claims professionals ? Find out by downloading the infographic for Intelligent Insurer’s Claims 2021 Survey.

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To give you a taster of what to expect:

Learn about the long-term strategic challenges for claims and how social inflation triggered by the pandemic had a direct impact on claims
Find out how to become truly customer-centric and make a positive impact on the overall customer retention of your business
Which emerging technologies have the biggest potential to transform claims and help in driving efficiencies?

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You’ll get an immediate snapshot of how claims is set to transformed by technologies including: 

1. Predictive analytics
2. Artificial intelligence & machine learning 

3. Robotic process automation
4. APIs
5. Telematics
6. Internet of things
7. Drones/satellites
8. Blockchain/distributed ledger technology

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By viewing this infographic you’ll get insights into:

• Which technologies are poised to revolutionize claims in the next 12 months—Have you got all the bases covered?  
• Where jobs are under threat from the advent of robotics and AI—Should you be concerned?
• How tech investments have performed so far, and what’s planned in the short, medium and long term—Are you wasting your time on initiatives which won’t deliver?

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