Navigate the complexities of insuring new vehicle technologies

In this report, “Make the most of new vehicle technologies for reduced risk and better pricing”, Intelligent Insurer and CCC discuss how new vehicle technologies are radically disrupting auto underwriting practices and provide actionable insights to stay ahead by leveraging data to better price risk.

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In our exclusive report you’ll:

• Leverage the explosion in data analytics and changing driving behaviours to update risk models and understand the barriers of utilisation

• Discover a more equitable method of assessing and pricing policies, by understanding how new “smart” technologies are revealing more and more about driver behaviour, creating fairer policies

 Understand how augmented technologies can improve customer interactions and experience, through the use of mobile devices for communication as well as in-policy monitoring

• Foresee the future and consider the role of artificial intelligence, automation and analytics to paint risk and translate real-world actions into underwriting decisions

• Make your business more efficient by extending telematics to other lines of insurance

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With the landscape changing so quickly, underwriters will need to be informed of these developments to make better underwriting decisions.  

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