Download the Infotel-Sponsored Presentation by Craig S. Mullins Titled, “Intelligent Automation of Db2 Administration and Management"

This presentation was given at the IDUG Db2 Tech Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland, October 24, 2022 by industry thought-leader, consultant and Db2 expert Craig S. Mullins. 

The Presentation Addresses:

  • How to intelligently automate Db2 administrative tasks to achieve optimal applications and systems
    • Industry trends that are causing automation to become a requirement instead of a nicety 
    • We’ll define automation, as well as examine the different types of automation
    • When automating specific DBA tasks, what are the pitfalls of popular existing practices and what are the best practices approach to DBA automation with the goal of improving the overall health and availability of your Db2 data?


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