WIPR's Influential Women in IP 2020

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Diversity comes in many different forms, and some are less visible than others, so it’s time we shone a spotlight on these too. That’s why, in our second edition, we’re focusing on more than just gender diversity.

Within these pages, we investigate why so few lawyers are reluctant to reveal their disability and why so many women and minorities are leaving the legal profession. We also explore ‘bro’ culture in technology firms and provide a guide on how to be an ally.  

Alongside our features, we highlight 100 Influential Women in IP, who are all playing a significant role in championing diversity and changing the IP system.


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Highlights of this year's issue include:

The great exodus

Bullying, a dearth of opportunities and lower pay are just some of the reasons why the legal profession is bleeding its minority groups.

Silicon Valley’s ‘bro culture’: faulty pipeline, or old fashioned misogyny? 

The tech industry has started to acknowledge its problem with sexism and diversity, but is any real progress being made?

Disability: the hidden stigma

Diversity initiatives are gaining traction across the legal profession, but one characteristic has been left behind: disability. WIPR investigates what can be done.

A culture of growth and equality 

Borghildur Erlingsdóttir, director general of the Icelandic Intellectual Property Office, sees massive opportunities at a time when Iceland’s economy is at a turning point, drawing on its old industries to drive innovation.

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