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Infringing Apps and Your Brand
A Guide to Developing Your Enforcement Strategy

Mobile apps have risen to become one of the most popular ways for consumers to connect with brands. In a report released by, mobile apps are expected to generate over $581.9 billion in revenue this year, up from the $462 billion generated in 2019. With this level of growth, it’s no surprise bad actors are looking to profit.

While major app platforms employ precautions to reduce uploads of nefarious apps, cybercriminals continue to find ways to bypass these security measures. With over 2,000 new apps being introduced to the major app stores every day, it’s up to brandholders to be proactive when it comes to protecting their intellectual property, their consumers and their mobile commerce, or m-commerce, revenues.

The goal of this guide is to discuss how to design an app enforcement strategy that addresses the risks posed to your business by infringing mobile apps. Topics include:

• How your mobile commerce goals impact your enforcement strategy
• How to carry out enforcement at scale
• How to build an efficient enforcement framework

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