Sunfolding Wins Best Venture Award at 2018 Industry Growth Forum


SAN FRANCISCO, CA, MAY 17, 2018 – Sunfolding today announced that the company received the Best Venture Award at the 2018 Industry Growth Forum, an event held by National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s (NREL) Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center. The Industry Growth Forum is the nation’s premier energy investment event and aims to create the clean energy system of the future by fostering innovation and collaboration between investors and cleantech entrepreneurs. 

NREL grants the Best Venture Award, the capstone of the Industry Growth Forum, to one of the 30 global startups competing for the award. Each of the 30 presenters are selected out of a group of over 150 applicants by an independent board. The presenters are given 10 minutes to pitch their technology to a panel of judges. 

“There were a lot of exciting technologies up there,” noted Sunfolding’s founder and CTO Leila Madrone, who represented Sunfolding at the forum. “From blockchains and microbes, to trackers and vertical agriculture...cleantech is as diverse as it is innovative. The Industry Growth Forum highlights these emerging technologies in an atmosphere of collaborative competition and insight, which is a powerful way to deliver real systemic change.”

The Industry Growth Forum marked its 30th Forum in 2018, and since its inception in 2003 has fostered $6.4 Billion in growth financing for participating companies. “It is an honor for Sunfolding to win this award,” said Sunfolding’s CEO, Jurgen Krehnke. “It’s great to see the cleantech investment community recognize our potential for dramatic growth and this award demonstrates the need for simplicity, scalability, and durability in the solar infrastructure of the future.”

As part of the award, Sunfolding will have access to technical assistance at NREL. This award marks the fourth major recognition of Sunfolding by programs under the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). Sunfolding previously received the SunShot Award in 2016 and received two funding awards from Advanced Research Projects Agency - Energy (ARPA-E).

About Sunfolding

Sunfolding designs and manufactures PV power plant solutions built to last for generations. Sunfolding’s flagship product, the Sunfolding T29™ Tracker, features a streamlined and inherently robust architecture that makes design and installation a breeze, with fewer components and greater layout flexibility. Fewer components and zero wear surfaces translates to smooth power plant operations and nothing but uptime. Founded in 2012 and headquartered in San Francisco, Sunfolding operates in the United States and Australia. For more information, visit and join our Newsletter.

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