Air Moves Solar Trackers Better  than Electricity

With power, precision and reliability, pneumatic power excels in solar and many industries

Pneumatic power has grown into a $5.3 billion industry and a driver of intelligent manufacturing because it’s proven to be effective and reliable. In manufacturing, pneumatics is so important that some call it the fourth utility, along with water, natural gas, and electricity.

Download Sunfolding’s new paper, The Power of Air, to find out how the advantages that pneumatic power brings to other industries—applying brakes to fast-moving trucks and trains, creating vibration for industrial hoppers and bins, or pressing and cutting raw materials for metalworking and machine tooling—make air a superior source of power in the solar industry.

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In "The Power of Air" you'll learn:

  • Ways that pneumatic power performs work better than electric power and hydraulic power systems
    • The historical roots of pneumatic power from the 17th Century until now 
    • Why Sunfolding used pneumatic power to design a machine specifically for solar

Download White Paper

Click below to access "The Power of Air: How pneumatics, a 360-year-old technology, is accelerating growth in large-scale solar."