Google Exchange Bidding + Sovrn: Bring more competition to your demand stack

Flip a switch. Make more money.

Sovrn is fully compatible with Google Exchange Bidding (EB) and Google EB Video. That means we can bring more competition to your demand stack at the flip of a switch—with no risk. Adding Sovrn to Google EB is the easiest way to see more revenue with no strings attached.

It's that easy. 

  • More competition for your inventory means higher CPMs for your site
  • With our TAG Platinum status, you can rest easy knowing you're connected to the cleanest and safest exchange on the web
  • Our team works with brands, agencies, and DSPs to bring exclusive demand to Sovrn publishers
  • Sovrn was an early Beta partner with Google EB

We’ve helped countless publishers increase revenue, viewability, and performance. Get in touch, and we’ll get to work for you.

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Sovrn Publisher Logos