"A must-have for every entrepreneur's book shelf."

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"This book gives businesses the best chance to thrive, not just hope to survive."

"Achieve Your Business Vision" is the Amazon best-selling book that will show you how to build a real business from the start, help you avoid costly mistakes, and inspire you to take action.

The book delves into "ACHIEVE", a unique methodology developed by Alan Davidson, which consists of the 7 key elements for business success - Assess, Cashflow, HMRC Compliance, Insights, Enhance, Valuation and Exit.

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The ACHIEVE Methodology

ACHIEVE is designed to help entrepreneurs accelerate their journey to success, regardless of their industry. It’s all about identifying the areas of your
business that require the most attention, and having the ability to make confident financial decisions that will help your business grow.



We are firm believers in “You don’t know what you don’t know”, and therefore the best place to start is to Assess where you are now. You will then be able to map out an achievable plan for the future.



The phrase "Cash is King" is true to this day. Using intuitive, user-friendly tools that we have developed in-house, we take a closer look at your finances, and help you improve and manage your Cashflow.


HMRC Compliance

If not done right, HMRC Compliance can cause a dent in your cashflow. We look at ways we can minimise tax risk and ensure effective systems are in place, so you can focus on what's important.



We use connected apps to look at your Insights. This enables you to spot trends, identify potential problems early on, fill gaps in your product line and analyse the competition.



For your customers to receive real value, you need to constantly review, Enhance and improve your product. We are here to support you while you make the tough decisions that will separate you from your competitors.



We help you find ways to increase the Value of your business and keep growing your
assets. This will put you in a position where you can set in motion your plans for exit, whenever that time comes.



We ensure that you start looking at your Exit options early on, and help guide you every
step of the way. Get the most out of your business at the time you sell or retire, and
make exiting your business a stress-free process.

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About the author

BFP, FCA | Director at Pentins Business Advisers Ltd

Alan has an unshakable belief that entrepreneurs have the power to change the world. They bring innovation, fun and change to society. However, they can also make big mistakes if they do it wrong. It is his mission to help visionary entrepreneurs overcome obstacles and grow a business that serves them, their customers and the world at large.

He is the author of the Amazon best-seller “Achieve Your Business Vision”, which was a Business Book Awards finalist in 2020. His innovative methods earned Pentins a spot in the top 5 most innovative accountancy firms in the UK in 2019, and a Best Digital Accountant shortlist in 2020.

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"This book gives an entrepreneur everything they need to know to give their business the best chance to thrive, not just hope to survive.



"A refreshing way of putting across some of the most important points of running a progressive and profitable business."



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