Free Project: Rosalie Bracelet 

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"I've named this project after my mother Rosalie. Her genes gave me my gift of color even though she did once tell me that red and pink could not be worn together. To this day I vehemently disagree with that assessment albeit  I revel in her sense of style, color and form. She was an elegant woman possessing many gifts. And so in honor of my mother, I give you the Rosalie Bracelet.

What I love about this bracelet is everything. I love the simplicity of weaving it and the elegance of adding my favorite clasps. This bracelet should take you no more than two hours to weave and finish. And although I will be providing the general instructions for it, you will use your creativity to make it your own. My hope is that you go on to make many, many more. In the future, you can choose your own bead colors and make it completely your own. Wear it, give it away, sell it. It's your choice. But I bet, as the saying sort of goes, you can't make just one. In fact, our kit provides enough material to make two." -Mirrix President Claudia Chase