Free Project: Affinity Bracelet 

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Affinity Bracelets were born out of the desire for an easy, yet versatile, bracelet. The concept came from friendship bracelets we wore as kids: fun, easy and the perfect gift. The Affinity Bracelet is the grown-up version and it can be as simple or as complex as you, the designer, desire.

The basic bracelet is simple: Use a pretty, colorful warp that will be part of the design and weave on beads, silk, perle cotton, gold thread, crystals, novelty yarn... anything you want. Then, to finish, either braid the ends and tie together or use more complex techniques like making the ends into a rope and finishing with a peyote clasp. Once you get the hang of it, Affinity Bracelets will be flying off your loom and straight onto your best friends’ wrists.

Here we will go over how to make a very basic fiber and bead Affinity Bracelet. Once you’ve mastered these techniques you can go on to create your own!