Special Report: Navigating the second medical use landscape

In recent years, second medical use patents have been the subject of myriad litigations and a selection of interesting decisions across many jurisdictions has resulted. 

LSPN Connect  recently tackled this tricky and timely topic  with Sheldon Hamilton, partner, Smart & Biggar; Shahan Islam, senior counsel for patents, Pfizer; John Liddicoat, senior research associate, University of Cambridge; Jackie Mulryne, partner, Arnold & Porter; and Justin Turner, QC, Three New Square Chambers, and has published a special report based on their discussion.

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● In-depth analysis of the significance of second medical use patents on pharmaceutical R&D

● Expert opinion on the consequences and complications from Warner-Lambert v Actavis 

● Exclusive insight into the regulatory environment for second medical use patents and how this regulation can be used to assist in their protection 

● Strategies that pharmaceutical companies can adopt to mitigate cross-label use without resorting to patent enforcement.

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