A New Age In
Senior Living

Primary research into
the effects of COVID-19

Kinetic Marketing & Creative engaged with the State of Montana to conduct research with the purpose of gaining a clearer understanding of the needs, hopes, goals, fears and experience of seniors within senior care and senior living facilities.

Through primary research, we reveal the real experiences of senior living and elder care in Montana over the past year.

Dana Pulis, Owner and Principal of Kinetic Marketing & Creative, explains more.

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This report was developed through one-on-one interviews held with senior care providers, senior living administrators, medical professionals and senior living residents as well as their loved ones and family members across the state.

We’re talking a lot about hope. Our business, our individual residents and their families and our staff...

- Carla Wilton, Immanuel Lutheran

Key Takeaways

Our actionable, data-rich report outlines key takeaways and impactful recommendations gleaned through our research such as:

  1. Developing a centralized destination for senior care resources and information
  2. Facilitating a statewide senior care-focused consortium
  3. Robust implementation of access to technology and training
  4. Placing new emphasis on mental and emotional health