Defy rising oil costs with effective oil management

This free download package includes everything you’ll need to become an oil savings expert and analyze your own operation:

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  • Filter Frequency Worksheet
  • Spreadsheet Template: Oil Savings Calculator

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Here's what the industry is saying:

“Proper oil management can have a huge impact on product quality and production costs. Identifying the best times to safely filter and replace oil has significant benefits, yet too often, kitchen staff end up guessing when to do these critical tasks.”
- Mike Christensen, Foodservice Category Leader for Cargrill’s global edible oils business


“There is not one oil that we have that has not gone up in price this year.”
- John Healy, General Manager for Columbus Vegetable Oils, Des Plaines, IL


“This is something that certainly is going to last three or four years before people start making substitutions. Food companies start using less oil. Consumers start using less oil.”
- David Tillman, Vice President of Food Ingredients for Stratas Food, Memphis, TN

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