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A new Henny Penny guide shows how a combi oven can quickly become a proven profit center, providing about a two month ROI and potentially delivering more than $1.4 million of additional gross profit over the life of the equipment. The guide also provides five factors that should inform your purchasing decision when considering a combi oven:

  • Space constraints
  • Connectivity
  • Operation simplicity and food consistency
  • Production capabilities
  • Cleaning and maintenance
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Array of healthy foods in combi oven

Make your c-store a destination for healthy, quality food

Today's consumers are demanding improved food quality, menu expansions, healthier selections, speed of service and more carryout meal replacement options.

The combi oven can help c-stores expand their foodservice programs and take advantage of growth opportunities. It can also help you overcome a number of challenges, including labor shortages and space constraints.

For more information on combi ovens and the Henny Penny advantage, visit our combi oven webpage.

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