FREE DOWNLOAD: 6 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Frying Program
(and how to fix them)

Frying is in, and to stand out, it’s important to get it right. Having the ability to serve items like delicious fried chicken, crispy French fries and crunchy fried pickles can be a game-changer for your business. However, there are several common mistakes you must avoid to achieve a truly successful (and profitable) frying program.

This free download includes the top 6 mistakes we see when it comes to frying, what to do about them, and a frying program analysis worksheet for operators.



Get The 5-Star Frying Experience 

When frying is a key part of your operation, avoiding common mistakes can improve your menu items, productivity, and bottom line.

Combining the New F5 Fryer with these best practices can save your operation time, labor, and money.

Visit to learn more and find out if the latest in low oil volume frying is right for your commercial kitchen.

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Learn how to Avoid
The Top 6 Frying Mistakes

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