Fanless, Heat-Resistant, & Element-Proof

We Have the EPOWer

Our DIN-rail hardened & fanless 54V/600W & 24v/60W power supplies are capable of operating in extreme environments (-40°F - 167°F) while ensuring total dust protection & water resistance; perfect for remote unventilated spaces.


Reliable power delivery

With built-in Power Factor Correction, the EPOW power supplies offer maximum power distribution efficiency and provides constant voltage across output terminals.


Our fanless design ensures a temperature operation range of -40°F to 167°F for use in non-ventilated locations and is IP67 total dust protection & water resistance rated.

NEMA TS1 & TS2 Compliant

Our design meets electrical and temperature requirements for traffic control equipment - also including high impact, thermal shock, & electrical noise resistance. 

Product Overview, Specifications, & Ordering Information

Check out our product page for a more in-depth overview, the datasheet for comprehensive specifications, or order the EPOW now.

EPOW-54-600 (54V/600W)

EPOW-24-60 (24V/60W)

Built to Withstand

Extreme temperatures, storms, and electrical shocks are nothing to our EPOW series. 


DIN-Rail Mountable

Perfect for traffic cabinet installation


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