NEW to The Spa -Diamond Ultra Facelift and Toning Treatment!

We are excited to bring you this newly developed and advanced UltraLift Microcurrent technology which brings skincare treatments to a whole new level. 

Experience a glowing youthful appearance more quickly and effectively than ever before.   Less time - more lift! 

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Microcurrent waves are the ultimate non-invasive, non-surgical, facial lifting and toning treatment that use very low impulses of energy to energize and re-educate finer facial muscles.  They boost cell to cell communication delivering tightening, toning, lifting and improved facial glow.  They also provide deep, gentle and comfortable product hydration while delivering visible and cumulative results.  With no downtime, Ultra Lift Facial Toning is the ultimate lunch time facial lift.

Key Benefits:

  • Face, neck and jaw toning.
  • Increased circulation and cellular nutrition
  • Hydration and product penetration
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Reduced puffy eyes
  • Closure of dilated pores
  • Reduced melanin build up on skin surface

30 & 60 minute treatments available.  Call The Spa at Cornerstone at 215.918.5950 or fill out our form to contact Melinda.

Schedule an Ultra Face Lift and Toning Micro-Current Treatment today and see the results for yourself!