NEW to The Spa -
Diamond Oxy Peel & Lift!

We are excited to bring you this newly developed advanced technology with immediate results in
a single treatment!

Oxy Peel & Lift is a crystal-free system available with oxygen infusion representing a new approach to microdermabrasion.

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Using compression rather than suction,
this truly advanced technology provides 
a four-part treatment: lymphatic drainage massage, serum infusion and skin resurfacing and plumping.

Key Benefits:

  • Strengthens and stimulates new collagen formation.
  • Rehydrates, regenerates and renews skin cells.
  • Improves cellular energy.
  • Eliminates bacteria that can cause acne.
  • Reduces cellular decomposition.

30, 60 & 90 minute appointments available.  Single oxygen infusion treatments available as well.

Schedule a diamond tip microdermabrasion with oxygen infusion today and see the results for yourself!