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Through our single-day, hands-on ultrasound course, many of our clients new to ultrasound have gained the business and technical training to immediately start scanning patients to enhance their practice offerings and revenue streams. Our clients who have owned ultrasound for a while also attend our class to enhance ultrasound in their practice.

2024 Classes: 

Feb 12  |  Mar 25  |  Apr 22  |  May 20  |  Jun 24 

Jul 22  |  Aug 26  |  Sep 17  |  Oct 21  |  Nov 25  |  Dec 16

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One-day training

Held monthly, our Veterinary classes have been equipping veterinarians to  be 'ultrasound-ready' upon successful completion.

$750 Book now

Classes are taught at our Tulsa Oklahoma facility for just $750.  Seating is limited so book early. 

7 race ce hours 

Taught by a qualified, certified BSRDCS Sonographer with over 18 years of animal ultrasound experience, attendees receive 7 RACE Continuing Education hours upon completion.

Hands-on with live animal

Each class has limited seating to provide hands-on training for each attendee in a wet lab setting with a machine and a live animal.


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Learn veterinary ultrasound in a single day

Whether  you are new to ultrasound or want to make sure you're getting  the best images possible from your system, AVU's course helps you  optimize ultrasound technology for your practice. This single day of  hands-on applications training is  designed to equip you with all you  need to perform veterinary ultrasound. By the end of the course, you  will have a basic knowledge of image quality and how to use the system's  technology to improve the images you are producing. You will also learn  the terms used to describe the images and some of the basic physics  principles used to create the best possible diagnostic ultrasound  images.

Our Customers Agree

"The ultrasound training at AVU provided me with the hands-on, live patient practice I needed to get the best images on my ultrasound machine.  The training helped me to understand the different exams I could offer to enhance my patient care and confidence with the images and imaging language."

--AVU Ultrasound Veterinary Training graduate

First 1-Day course is January 13.  There's still seating available.  Call today to become 'ultrasound-ready or 'ultrasound-proficient'.

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