Are you feeling tired and unclear about your health?

It is exhausting to operate at less than your optimal performance level and full potential yet so many people are forced to do just that because of health-related issues. Whether you’re experiencing general confusion around the status of your health or you just have had a series of ineffective trips to the doctor, we understand your frustration.

We invite you to download and fill out our comprehensive 12-point questionnaire created by the Integrative Wellness Team here at Strata Integrated Wellness Spa.  

From this questionnaire we will be able to create a profile allowing us to:

     • Assess your current health/wellness level
    • Calculate your “wellness score”
    • Recommend action steps based upon your personal score  

We recommend this questionnaire for those are unclear about their health, are frustrated by the lack of health improvements with traditional approaches or have tried a range of strategies to improve their health but to no avail. 

If this describes you, then please get started right away. No more procrastinating - total vibrancy awaits!


Want to get clear on your health? Download my free guide now.



For more information about this program, please call Strata Integrated Wellness Spa: 833-569-1008 or email: