Developing the data needed for testing on demand



Get to know OneTest Data

Making sure the right data is on hand for testing can be demanding.

A traditional approach replicates existing data from production systems and uses it in test environments. With GDPR and other privacy regulations in effect, this type of testing has become much riskier, especially where personal data is concerned.

Join the HCL OneTest team for this complimentary webinar, as it discusses generating mock data for testing environments, and generating synthetic data sets without the risk of data leaks or privacy issues — on demand.

You will learn:

— how testers can generate data in a number of different ways including the use of predefined datasets

— create data generation rules, and/or custom data generation scripts for any environment

— and much more!

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Meet Your DevOps Experts


Steve Boone

Head of Product Management

Steve Boone is responsible for the strategic direction and management of HCL Software DevOps' products.

For more than a decade, Steve has helped hundreds of companies adopt agile best practices and strategies for DevOps. He speaks regularly at industry events on the topic of DevOps transformation, Continuous Delivery best practices, Agile adoption, and Value Stream Management.


Sunil Dandamudi


Sunil Dandamudi is a technical architect at HCL Software. He has worked as a developer, lead architect for more than 22 years with experience with ETL, ESB and EAI tool sets. Additionally, he has worked as a Chief Architect for IBM Transformation Extender, IBM AI based Supply Chain SaaS Platform (Business Transaction Intelligence) before joining HCL.


Viktor Krantz


Viktor Krantz has worked as an engineer, consultant and product manager for more than 25 years before joining HCL Software. 

His current role is Product Manager for Test, Construction and Modeling tools.

Enterprise security and quality with best-in-class continuous delivery

HCL Software DevOps allows clients the ability to manage risk, control cost, and drive revenue by providing a proven and trusted, end to end, secure DevOps solution.  From idea to production, HCL Software DevOps provides solutions for source control and work item management, continuous delivery and testing, security scans, and value stream management.  


From mainframe to micro-services, and everything in-between, HCL Software DevOps offers market leading technology in the Application Release Automation (ARA) space.  Trusted by hundreds of fortune 500 companies, This technology has been proven for over a decade to provide simple push-button automation, with full traceability and audit-ability.

generate revenue through flow

Clients looking for a faster time to market must focus on dramatically reducing the time from idea to production capability while increasing productivity.  HCL Software offers the leading edge in Value Stream Management capabilities which can help your organization identify bottlenecks in your delivery process, manage and  orchestrate all of your delivery pipelines, and leverage machine learning and analytics to help steer the direction of your organization.  

control cost & quality

Minimize re-work, reduce defects, and improve success rates by utilizing the complete testing portfolio offered through HCL Software.  HCL has you covered with UI testing, performance testing, API testing, test data fabrication, and service virtualization.  Everything you need to identify defects earlier, allowing you to better control costs associated with finding and fixing production defects. 

manage risk & governance

Avoid catastrophic incidents by catching security, compliance, and other risks earlier in the software lifecycle.  HCL Software DevOps allows clients to aggregate security, quality, and other meaningful KPIs to help steer business decisions and allow for informed decisions across the organization.  Take advantage of our full gating capabilities to ensure proper checks and balances before going live.

Our DevOps Solutions

Leveraging our comprehensive solution set with decades of industry DevOps experience, we create a DevOps solution as unique as your business. And that means you can have the peace of mind knowing you have the tools you need with the leading experts in DevOps by your side.



With HCL Launch, deliver better quality software, faster than ever before.


Value Stream Management

With HCL Accelerate, measure DevOps effectiveness, identify bottlenecks, and reduce risks to help your teams drive transformation and make better decisions.





Balance the flexibility of development with effective control of software when you use HCL VersionVault.

Webinar July 22nd

Change Management

HCL Compass is Low Code/No Code change management software to accelerate project delivery.

Webinar July 29th