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Get expert analysis or hands-on training and advice on DevOps culture and practices, tailored to your organization.

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It's time to get more from your DevOps investment

Agile practices and pipeline automation are fundamental enablers of continuous delivery, but they're only the start. As DevOps enters its second decade - a "day 2" phase - it's time to find new ways to deliver software faster and more responsibly. Discover your organization's ideal Day 2 DevOps strategy with a workshop organized by HCL Software DevOps.  

After you request your free DevOps workshop, we'll sit down with you to better understand how your DevOps journey aligns to your business objectives. Then, we'll plan a custom agenda to coach your team through DevOps strategy, culture, and tools. Our experts will join your team on-site or via video conference for the workshop, then support when you need guidance and expert advice in this fast-paced, constantly-evolving practice we call 'DevOps'. 

DevOps workshops are valuable for teams at every stage of DevOps adoption. 

  • Benchmark your current software development practices and maturity 
  • Determine key bottlenecks in the application delivery lifecycle
  • Sketch out an adoption roadmap to help phase in DevOps approach

Workshop Value: $7,500

Customer Commitment

To ensure your organization gets the most value possible from the workshop, we ask for the following of your team:

  • 30-minute intro call: Exec coordination/key interests
    • 2-4 Hours of attendee time
    • Key leaders across entire SDLC
    • Limit extraneous phone/laptop usage

    Sample Agenda 

    The typical agenda includes a DevOps Initiatives discovery session, followed by a value stream mapping initiative.

    • Intros - Aligning DevOps Strategy to Business 
    • PoV - DevOps is not a Department
    • Group Discussion - The One Thing
    • Key Process Analysis - Value Stream Map
    • Bonus Discussion - Scaling - A People Problem

Workshop Deliverables

At the end of the workshop, our team will assemble a DevOps Assessment Package, which will review the workshop discoveries, and provide possible next steps in your DevOps Transformation. Specific deliverables may include:

Current-state Value Stream Map for a Critical Path 

Tactical Quick Hits/Constraints ID & Removal

Critical Bottleneck/Constraints Identification

Plan & Identify other Key Streams for Analysis

SWOT/Force Field Analysis

Scaling Strategies / Reference Materials

Meet the expert


Chris Nowak
Director, DevOps Advisory & Adoption

Chris Nowak is HCL Software’s Director of DevOps Advisory & Adoption. He has 23 years of experience in Change Management, SDLC & DevOps. As Head of DevOps Services at two of the top four US banks, he designed and scaled services from the ground up. His scope included service strategy, lean process, organizational change, large-scale on-boarding, and operations.

At Wells Fargo, his teams automated 350 applications for the Trading, Securities and Investment Banking divisions. At Bank of America he led a combined organization of Automation Engineering, Systems, Engagement, and Deploy Operations. His teams automated and supported 800 applications from source to prod.

Chris left BAC in 2016 to focus on Executive Transformation and DevOps Strategy Consulting. In 2014, he was awarded a US Patent in DevOps Methodology (USP #8875091). 

If you can't measure it, you can't manage it.