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It's time to get more from your DevOps investment

Agile practices and pipeline automation are fundamental enablers of continuous delivery, but they're only the start. As DevOps enters its second decade - a "day 2" phase - it's time to find new ways to deliver software faster and more responsibly. Discover your organization's ideal Day 2 DevOps strategy with a workshop organized by HCL Software DevOps. 

After you request your free DevOps workshop, we'll sit down with you to better understand how your DevOps journey aligns to your business objectives. Then, we'll plan a custom program to coach your team through DevOps strategy, culture, and tools. Our experts will join your team on-site for the workshop, then support when you need guidance and expert advice in this fast-paced, constantly-evolving practice we call 'DevOps'. 

DevOps workshops are valuable for teams at every stage of DevOps adoption. 

  • Benchmark your current software development practices and  maturity
  • Determine key bottlenecks in the application delivery lifecycle
  • Sketch out an adoption roadmap to help phase in DevOps approach

Who should participate?

• Senior IT and LOB executives responsible for innovation, digital strategy, and business agility

• Middle managers and directors responsible for software design, development, testing, and IT operations


Enterprise security and quality with best-in-class continuous delivery

HCL So ftware DevOps provides a suite of market leading, best-in-breed DevOps  automation tool solutions  for the enterprise. 

Our solutions address the strategic and comprehensive scope of DevOps in the areas of Value Stream Management, Application Security, UI Testing, Integration Testing, API Testing, Performance Testing, Embedded Testing, Service Virtualization, Data Fabrication, Automated Deployment, and more.  

Application Security at DevOps Speed with AppScaN

Adopt a scalable security testing strategy to pinpoint and remediate application vulnerabilities in every phase of the development lifecycle to minimize exposure to attack.

Deploy anything, anywhere with  HCL uDeploy

HCL uDeploy automates application deployments across your IT environments and gives quick feedback for continuous delivery, while providing the audit trails, versioning, and approvals needed in production.  

Maximize your DevOps investment with HCL VelocitY

HCL Velocity is a value stream management platform that integrates with everything, bringing your DevOps data together once-and-for-all.   


HCL RealTime  Software Tooling ( RTist ) is an Eclipse-based modeling and development environment for creating complex, event-driven and real time applications.  


HCL  Flexie m   provides controlled access to soft assets, including code, requirements, design documents, models, schematics, test plans ,  and test results.  

Accelerate Project Delivery with Traxiem

Traxiem  is c hange management software for enterprise-level scaling, process customization ,  and control to accelerate project delivery and increase developer productivity   

Improve your testing speed and quality while reducing costs with  OneTest

OneTest provides software testing tool that support a DevOps approach. Features include user interface testing, API testing, performance testing, and more.

Automate the Creation and deployment of component testing with OneTest Embedded

With a single click from any development environment, you can profile memory and performance, analyze code coverage and visualize program execution behavior with OneTest Embedded

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