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Frequently Asked Questions

How will HCL Accelerate help my team?

HCL Accelerate allows you to measure your DevOps effectiveness, identify bottlenecks, prioritize work, define trends, and reduce risks to help your teams drive transformation and make better decisions.

Who on my team should use HCL Accelerate?

HCL Accelerate is useful for everyone from developers to executives. The business side of the house can use the insights gained from Accelerate to set smarter budgets and more meaningful strategies. Development professionals can use Accelerate to better manage teams and forecast work.

What makes HCL Accelerate different than any other value stream management tool?

HCL Accelerate can integrate with all the tools in your existing DevOps toolchain – no need to stay within the same product family. Plus, Accelerate focuses on the metrics that matter most for producing actionable results as opposed to vanity metrics with little meaning. Accelerate is a homegrown tool that was developed because of our own need for better pipeline views.

Do I have to use other HCL Software DevOps products to use HCL Accelerate?

Nope! HCL Accelerate is an over-the-top view of all your data and all your toolchains, no matter what tools you’re using. Of course, Accelerate works great with the HCL Software DevOps solution suite, but it works just as well with other toolsets.

What do I get with HCL Accelerate Community Edition?

You get all the value stream management, release orchestration, and insights power of HCL Accelerate for two concurrent users, absolutely free. Plus, you get a one-on-one Accelerate-setup session with one of our value stream management specialists so you can get the most out of your VSM experience.

What is HCL Accelerate Standard Edition?

Standard Edition is the full enterprise-level version of HCL Accelerate that offers pipeline visibility across teams and Accelerate access for an unlimited number of users. You can upgrade from Community Edition to Standard Edition at any time.

How do I connect my existing DevOps tools to HCL Accelerate to create my pipeline view?

HCL Accelerate sits on top of your existing toolchain but integrates with a vast amount of plugins. You can find product documentation here .

What tools do you support?

HCL Accelerate integrates with common DevOps tools -- like AppScan, Azure, Jira, Ansible, ServiceNow, Jenkins, and GitHub -- with out-of-the-box plugins you can access directly through Accelerate's interface. Plus, Accelerate's flexibility allows you to add custom plugins to fit your unique environment.

Our team might need some guidance regarding best practices for value stream mapping and management. Can you help?

Of course! Click here to schedule a quick chat with our Business Development Rep, Chad, and he'll connect you with a value stream management expert to guide you through your DevOps journey.

Visualize, orchestrate, and optimize your continuous delivery value stream with HCL Accelerate. 

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