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How Does It Work?

Share a few details with us and one of our gamification experts will get back to you within 48 hours with game activity options that will make your training, workshop, meeting, or presentation highly interactive, engaging, and truly unique! 

Does it cost anything?

There is zero cost to share your details with us and you are not obligated to buy anything that we recommend.

What if I want more information before I share anything with you?

It's always a great policy to get more info. You can book a 30 minute meeting by CLICKING HERE or  send an email to and Mark will gladly help you.

What if I don't have a deck or other materials yet?

No problem. If you're still developing your content, we'd LOVE to help you. Our gamification experts have seen a lot of different kinds of presentations on LOTS of topics. So let us help. Book a conversation by CLICKING HERE and we'll get started....FOR FREE

What's included?

Our Gamification Packages have everything you need to take your training, workshop, meeting, or presentation to a whole new level. Packages include: 

  • Game Activity Recommendations
  • A Yearly Subscription To Your Game Activities
  • Complete Configuration and Facilitation Instructions
  • Game Explanation Script with Corresponding Deck Slides
  • One FREE Co-Facilitation Session with a Professional Facilitator

*All submitted details and materials are confidential and will only be reviewed internally for the sake of adding game elements. By clicking submit, you acknowledge you are the owner or have rights to the details, material, content, or assets presented in the deck. GoodGames assumes no liability.

What is a gamified activity?

We often say that GoodGames has, essentially, gamified the feedback process and we’ve done this with various activities. At its core, we’ve made the feedback generating process more structured but more fun to experience than, say, traditional modes of feedback like surveys. Elements of structure make the feedback you generate more focused on what a particular session is meant to discover. It also better creates consistency which helps train the mind to be better at giving and receiving feedback.

What is gamification/how is it beneficial?

Gamification has been proven to activate the hippocampus (the section of the brain largely responsible for knowledge recall) as well as trigger the release of dopamine, serotonin and endorphins. This response not only makes the participant feel good but also allows them to increase their capacity for learning, memory and attention. 

Additionally, it reduces stress, increases one’s capacity to process information, and mitigates the effects of cognitive overload. Research suggests that gamification not only enhances individual performance but also leads to increased team cohesion, task commitment and overall team performance. This, in turn, drastically improves the wellbeing of employees and enhances productivity.

Other Products and Services

More on DEIBA+


Why DEIBA+? To be honest, because you should do it, you should want to do it, and, oftentimes, you have to do it. But it’s not just the right thing to do, it's good for business. There are a ton of stats, surveys, and graphs we can throw at you to prove that diversity increases productivity, creativity, and overall happiness, but it also has a huge impact on your employer’s internal and external reputation AND your bottom line. 

But really, why DEIBA+? Companies typically fall under one of three reasons. The first is the charity angle. It’s the nice thing to do, the feel-good, right thing to do. Maybe you have personal experience in this space. Or maybe a loved one does. But it's a personal connection that brings you to it. 


The second is compliance. Many employers are also federal contractors or subcontractors with the government and are obligated to create and update an Affirmative Action Plan (AAP) that maps out their plans to attract, hire and promote diverse talent. This is the 'need-to-do' bucket.  You also may be looking to do business with other businesses who are now assessing you much like your jobseekers, customers and your current employees are and it's a built in requirement.

Finally, we have the strategic reason. You want to do it, you understand the need to do it, and it benefits the company and the impact you can make when you develop or strengthen your program. 

Where does your company fall? It could be one, or it could be two. Ideally it’s all three. And it’s okay if it’s the charity angle, or the compliance angle, but we’re here to get you to the next level and understand how a strategic approach is going to get you the best results and move your company into a better direction.


Why not DEIBA+?

Through our games, we’ve heard it all - no leadership buy-in, lack of funding/resources, diverse talent does not apply, we’re not good with change, didn’t work in the past, and/or we don’t know how to take the first step.

You want to be successful, you need to be successful, and you CAN be successful. The fact is diversity increases productivity and creativity as well as impacts your internal and external reputation as a company. 

Talent, your current workforce, and customers want to see increased efforts in your programs. Get the talent, keep your talent, AND increase profits. Partner with GoodGames to take your program to the next level. 

Everyone Wins When Everyone Plays.