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best-kept coffee secret

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Looking for a cosy, quiet workspace with great coffee and fast WiFi?

Welcome to The Good Company Coffee Cafe, a hidden gem on the first floor of St Michael’s Business Park Obs, Cape Town, loved for:
  • Freshly-roasted Fair Trade Certified coffee
  • Cosy, calm atmosphere - great for work or casual meetings
  • Fast, free WiFi
  • Delicious breakfast, sandwiches and light meals
  • Awesome friendly staff
  • Love the coffee - buy the beans!


We carefully source Fair Trade Certified coffee beans from small family-owned producers around the world - Kenya, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Indonesia (Sumatra) and Uganda - which we roast to perfection on-site in our gorgeous Turkish Toper roaster.  

Savour the aroma and enjoy a cup here or buy beans or ground coffee to brew at home.

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Our La Marzocca espresso machine, handmade in Florence, Italy offers a smooth, superior brew.
 We also serve breakfast and simple lunches (take-away and delivered)


We’re open 8am to 4pm
Monday to Friday

Coffee Café Menu

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Prince Monga

Our royal Jack-Of-All-Trades – barista, bean roaster, chef, manager and waiter. Prince looks forward to giving you a warm welcome and the best-kept-secret coffee experience in Cape Town.

Buy a bag of Good Company Coffee’s freshly-roasted Kenyan beans or ground: Home Green Beans East Africa Kenya AB Blue Mountain Washed. Crop Year 2020/2021 - Sweet, hints of vanilla in aroma. Blueberries in flavour, medium citric acidity, with a bold creamy finish. 
R195 for 750g
R95 for 345g

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The Good Company Coffee, we are committed to supporting small businesses, entrepreneurs and an ethical world. When you enjoy a delicious cup of Good Company Coffee you are supporting sustainable Fair Trade coffee and helping improve the quality of life for small family farmers like Don Amado Lanzas on the El Arenal reserve in Nicaragua. Fair Trade coffee farmers embody social, environmental, and economic values. The coffee is cultivated using good agricultural practices that creates the ideal microclimate for coffee and maintain the fertility of the soil.

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What Our Customers say

"Awesome Coffee! Just what I need to get my day started. This spot is cosy and the service is amazing, I get my work done here. They have a coffee roasting machine on the premises... I had the pleasure of experiencing the whole process from raw to well-roasted coffee beans by the wonderful barista Mr Prince. Thanks for the great coffee and amazing service."
- Tee

" A hidden gem, Worth a visit!
Buzz number 14 to be let in :) "
- Leah Lamoure

"A great place to get work done while enjoying a good cup of coffee and some good food! The service is also immaculate.”
- Sihle S

The Good Company Coffee

Unit 14, St Michael’s Business Park
13 St Michael’s Road
Cape Town
South Africa

Contact Details

Tel: 021 276 1793 or +27 67 700 8981
WhatsApp: +27 67 700 8981


We’re open 8am to 4pm, Monday to Friday.
Simply buzz 14 at the door for entry to Cape Town’s best-kept coffee secret. 
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COVID-19 protocols are followed.

Enjoy your Good Company Coffee experience? We’d love to hear your feedback. Please leave a review on Google or Facebook (heart emoji)

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COVID-19 protocols are followed. No mask no entry.