The Marketing Blender Lab 

"Smart Marketing for Small Business"

In eight weeks of online training:

• Create a powerful and unique brand message to stand out from competitors.

• Gain insight into SEO, social media, content marketing, and other digital strategies.

• Determine the best marketing mix to reach your prospects.

• Design a custom marketing plan that is right-sized and strategically aligned for your business.

This live, interactive course is guided by an expert brand strategist and CMO with a select group of smart, driven small business and startup leaders.  

Our next live, online Lab starts October 4th, 2022. 

An on-demand version will also be launching soon! Sign up to be notified.


“Small businesses deserve to have the same insights, strategy, and guidance available to big budget clients. Too many companies are struggling with wasting time, money, and opportunity on marketing that fails. Or, they just don’t know where to start. The Marketing Blender Lab is the solution.


Daisy McCarty

Brand Strategist and Chief Marketing Officer

This program is 
ideal if you:

• Own a small business that is traditionally Sales driven and needs to start Marketing with an eye toward long term revenue growth.

• Have a start-up that is serving early customers well but has no defined path to establish a voice in the market and acquire more clients.

• Tried piecemeal marketing without success and need a more strategic approach to make the most of resources.

• Are tired of guessing what will work to grow your business and frustrated by watching money and opportunities slip through your fingers.

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It’s time to make real progress on your dream and your potential.
Schedule a 15-minute interview and see if the Marketing Blender Lab is right for you.

We are building our wait list now and space is limited to 8 companies!


About The Marketing Blender
We specialize in helping Companies Boost Brand Revenue, Reputation, and Resilience.

We've helped drive over a billion dollars in combined revenue growth for clients over the past ten years and we want to help you prosper and reach your potential, too.

Here’s why we are EXCITED about our newest program for small business.  Watch the video now.

Marketing Blender Lab Overview

Weeks 1: Deep Dive Your Buyer Persona (Understand What Makes Your Customers Tick and How to Engage Them)

Week 2: Create Your Brand Message Playbook (Brand Promise | Market Positioning | Brand Voice | Vision/Mission/Values | Key Takeaways and More)

Week 3: Put Your Brand Message into Action (Messaging Choreography to Move Prospects along the Buyer Journey)

Week 4: Map the Sales Journey and Find the Gaps (Optimize Activities & Collateral)

Week 5: Understand SEO (Organic Search Engine Optimization + Google Ads)

Week 6: Develop a Social Media Strategy (LinkedIn and Facebook to grow your visibility, followers, and engagement)

Week 7: Identify the Right Marketing Mix to Grow Your Brand (Paid/Owned/Earned/Shared Media)  

Week 8: Build Your Custom Marketing Plan & Execution Roadmap (Putting Everything into Action)

What Small Businesses Say about Our
Approach to Branding & Marketing

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Clarity Was My Biggest Takeaway

"I wanted to fill my sales pipeline and be working at full capacity in 3 years. I hit that goal in 6 months after working with Daisy, and I'm landing precisely the kind of clients I want. The biggest takeaway for me was clarity."

Ambor Antolik 
Corporate Leadership Coach

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Better Messaging Helped Speed Up Sales

“I was struggling to help my market understand what makes our solution different and better. Once we had our brand message playbook, I just took the wording and pasted it into the proposal I was working on. The prospect said it was clear how much more they would get with us vs. the competition and was excited to sign up. I finally know what to say to get the point across and move the needle with sales!”

Damon McCall

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30 Day Transformation and Validation

“Within 30 days of the new brand message going live, prospects started telling me that the content on my company website was the #1 reason they chose to engage in an exploratory conversation with me. It was that on target!”

David Daeschler
Founder of SlideWave

Space Is Limited, Secure Your Spot Now

We are hosting this program once per quarter and participation is limited to eight companies at a time. 
Are you ready to transform your business?


What's Included in Our Live Course

• Eight live 90-minute interactive expert-led sessions (online via Zoom)
• Deep dives and collaboration with other small business leaders
• Weekly assignments for immediate implementation and impact
• Peer support, ideas, and accountability
• Three 1-1 coaching sessions to optimize your decision-making
• Resources including the Digital Marketing Checklist Maximizer and more!

Pricing for live online training: $4500 per company (starts Oct 4th)

Pricing for on-demand DIY course: $2500 (coming soon!)