Organoid research Award

Automate your organoid analysis with a Pu•MA System

Pu.MA System

At Protein Fluidics we enable researchers to achieve their next breakthrough using automated assays. We want to hear about your organoid, spheroid or 3D cell-model.

A PuMA System 3D for your lab

Tell us how would your research benefit from an automated workflow for your organoids?

Organoid Research Award submissions Jul 1 – Sep 15, 2020 
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Organoid Research Award Application 

Award:  Pu•MA System 3D for your lab
Submission Dates: Jul 1 – Sep 15, 2020
Award Announcement: Oct 15, 2020
Eligibility: Individual researcher or research groups working on organoids, spheroids, tumoroids, micro-tissue or any other 3D cell models

Please include the following in your submission:
- Name, Last Name, Email, Institution
- Principal Investigator / Professor and Area or Research

- A brief description of your original research (abstract)
- How would you use the Pu•MA System 3D for your organoid research and analysis? (abstract or bullet points)

lease do add references and images if needed. Including the method of organoid or spheroid formation would helpful)

Submission Process: 
Attach a completed word document by email to the Protein Fluidics team at 
Email subject line: Organoid Research Award

3D Cell-Based Assay Workflow

Terms and Conditions

1. Only one application per person from a group will be accepted but multiple submissions from the group are allowed if the proposals are unique and original.
2. Submission should be emailed latest by 11:59 pm PST on Sep 30, 2020 by email to
3. Award is (1)  Pu•MA System 3D with (12) Pu•MA System 3D Flowchips (96 tests) and relevant system accessories.
4. The Protein Fluidics Scientific team will have sole discretion with regards to selecting the award winner.
5. The award winner will be announced on Oct 15, 2020.

6. The Pu•MA System 3D will be awarded to a lab / group and not to an individual person. 
6. Government employees, healthcare professionals, contractors and vendors are not eligible to participate.

7. The submission should not violate any rule, policy, copyright, trademark, patent, or procedures of your Institution or any other person. 
8. To learn more about Pu•MA System 3D check out the  product page  or the  technology page.

Pu.MA System

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