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Custom content development has never been more important than it is in today’s market. Buyers are turning to content first on their search for engaging subject matter that addresses their business needs, helps them identify the best solution, and accomplishes it in a way that is simple and easy to digest. Our CFE Services® team of custom content strategists will bring your company’s insights to life, positioning you as the top expert in your industry. Additionally, we’ll get that content in front of the right audience through the right channels, at the right time in the sales cycle. Together, we’ll make your custom content marketing program a success—and your company the go-to source of information for your market.


of engineers find technical articles highly valuable when seeking information on products and services.

of engineers prefer PDF downloads when consuming content from a website.

Source: Marketing to Engineers® Research

of engineers believe that content on service support offerings supports their buying decision.

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Click the “Download Now” button to view a sample ROI report from CFE Services® that represents the type of promotion and performance a client will receive through the sponsorship of a CFE custom content piece.

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