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CFE Media is an expert on how to market to engineers and educates its marketing partners about the engineering community’s content consumption needs better than any B2B media group in the market. It's no surprise that engineers have their quirks and preferences, some of which make them difficult to market to. To help alleviate some of the complexity, we've put together a series of eBooks that can help you navigate the engineering waters and improve your marketing efforts. 

M2E eBook Series Part One

Marketing to Engineers® with Your Website

With research from more than 9,000 engineers, our first of a series eBooks takes you through the best ways to market to engineers with your website.  

-Stay Up to Date: 75% of engineers are more likely to do business with companies that regularly produce new and current content. 
-Format for the People: Over 80% of engineers prefer PDF to other downloadable document types. 
-It's Not You: It's your website. Over half of engineer surveyed said they might not do business with a company whose website is poorly designed.  

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M2E eBook Series Part Two

Marketing to Engineers® with Your Emails

Our clients have expressed how the Marketing to Engineers® research has helped them improve their email and enewsletter value. In part two of our eBook series, check out some helpful hints about how you too can capture the attention of engineers with your emails.

-Stay on Target: Segmented and targeted emails to generate 58% of all revenue according to research from DMA. 
-Get to the Point: 84% of engineers identified quick bulleted facts as the most attractive content in enewsletters. 
-Stay Relevant: Provide unique, focused, and valuable content sought by engineers. There is often a difference between what your marketing team wants to say, and what engineers want to hear. 


M2E eBook Series Part Three

Marketing to Engineers® with Demand-Gen Content Throughout the Buyer's Journey

Smart marketers know that generating leads requires a host of tools – webinars, email campaigns, white papers, and more. After all, effective marketing is never a one-size-fits-all strategy. They also know that not all leads are good leads, and not all good leads are necessarily ready to buy. So, keeping those top prospects engaged is as important as acquiring them in the first place.  

In this eBook, we’ll explore a variety of lead generation and lead nurturing tactics to determine the most effective methods for not just engaging engineers, but keeping them engaged throughout an oftentimes complex and lengthy buying cycle.

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M2E eBook Series Part Four

Marketing to Engineers® with Social Media

Social media permeates people’s lives—at work as well as at home—like never before, and savvy marketers know that a sound social media strategy is a key element in a successful integrated marketing program. 

In this eBook, we’ll shed light on some of the ways engineers use social media and identify the best ways to connect across various social media platforms.


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