stay Safe at home

clean, sanitized clothing and bedding

“We love the convenience of Browns Cleaners free delivery service, and I feel better knowing my family can snuggle safe!”

Ottawa's Cleaner of Choice Offers Free Pick-up and Delivery Service

We understand your concern with keeping a safe and clean household, and we make it easier for you to do that. We'll pick-up your clothes, bedding, duvets, linen... even area rugs, We'll give them a professional deep clean that fully sanitizes the items, press, and prepare your items for delivery back to your door. The pick-up and delivery service is super convenient and completely free, you can even choose a bonus offer of 30% OFF duvets and comforters or $10 OFF coats. (Bonus offer applies to as many items as you put in your first order... go ahead, clean all your duvets!)


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Richard from Browns Cleaners standing beside his pick-up and delivery service van.

Richard and the Browns Delivery team have earned the trust of thousands of families, here's how:

  • Free pick-up and delivery in Ottawa
  • You don't have to be home
  • Contactless and convenient service
  • Courteous and friendly service

We make it easy to look and feel great... and stay safe!

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Browns Cleaners is a family-run business that has serving Ottawa since 1957. During the pandemic, please stay safe, try to support local business and be kind. We care about  our community and helping you look and feel great.