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Virtual Training


Get the exercise programs you need to achieve your fitness goals! 

A $50 value for $19.99


  • Clear and concise instructional videos for each movement
  • Easily track progress through our built-in metric sets and exercise history log
  • Workouts you can do anywhere
  • Three time-efficient workouts per week
  • Intuitive and easy to use interface
  • Workout reminders by email every day
  • Weekly email notifications to recap progress and to show the next steps!

Gronk Fitness Home Gym


Everything you need to take your home training to the next level, and for a value that’ll keep your bank account healthy too, saving $100 (28% off)! $350 value/yours for  $249.99

Standard shipping in 3-5 business days is free!

Lose Weight, Gain Strength!

Package Details
  • 22lb (10kg) Cast-Iron Gronk Spike Kettlebell
  • 8lb Medicine Ball
  • Heavy Duty Pull-Up Bar for Doorframes
  • Durable Ring Suspension Kit
  • 18″ Foam Roller
  • Strength Bands with Resistances XX-Light (5-35lbs) and Light (25-80lb)
  • Anti-Slip Yoga Mat
  • A Month of GHF Virtual Training

Golden Home Fitness Apparel Store

Click on the images below to see and purchase items.  If you are local to the Boston Area, we will deliver your apparel to you, otherwise we will ship items as they are processed. 


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GHF Apparel

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