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What You Should Know About Our Marriage-Friendly Approach  

The therapist you choose to help you with your relationship is very important. We're grateful you are considering us, and we believe you are in the very best and capable hands here at Well Marriage Center. All of our therapists are relationship specialists and work exclusively with couples. Experience, training, continuing education, supervision, research – it all focuses on relationships with us.

The top marriage counseling complaint we hear from couples who started therapy elsewhere is that the therapists just did a lot of listening and seemed overwhelmed with how to get in it with them and help.

You won't find that here.

All of our counselors jump in there with you and help you really understand what's going on. Experience and training helps us gently confront when necessary and give it to you straight. We're active and involved with you. And we're excited to quickly get you the help you need to give you hope for a happier, stronger relationship with your partner.

Time Commitment, Fees, & Insurance

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