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World's first coping robot

That truly cuts all profiles! 

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Are you looking for a beam cutting machine that truly cuts all profiles? The RPC 1200 Mk3 is the world's first beam coping robot that also cuts pipes. The all-in-one solution is developed by the industry leaders in thermal cutting. 

And the's almost available! Stay tuned! 

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Cut any profile

The RPC 1200 Mk3 is the world's first beam coping robot that cuts all structural profiles, including pipes.

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No secondary processes

By utilizing our high-tech laser measurement technology, we eliminate secondary processing as we compensate material deviations on-the-fly.

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save 20% in fit-up

Save up to 20% in fit-up by making use of plasma layout and text marking, reducing the overall throughput time substantially

Be a pioneer!

Be the first to cut pipes on your coping robot. Stay up-to-date to be among the first to order your RPC 1200 Mk3 coping robot!

Originated from a vision

We had a dream! A dream which was formed by long-cherished market desire. An all-in-one solution which does not compromise in cutting shapes, a versatile stand alone and reliable solution which simply does it all. Combining know-how, 35 years of experience and technology experience to develop a machine which makes the unordinairy ordinairy. Meet the new RPC 1200 Mk3; originated from our vision to automate craftsmanship and to pioneer the fabrication market. 

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The sweet spot in your fab shop

What if you could add a machine to you fab shop which can truly cut any profile? What if that machine happens to be the most accurate beam cutting machine in the market, able to cut the most complex shapes to your profiles? Adding value to their customer’s steel has always been SQS’s core business. “Now that we have the RPC, we can truly cut everything. We now add even more value to our customers’ steel. Even the most complex of work is cut with high quality and excellent accuracy”.

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Become the pioneer in the fabrication market.

Are you ready to become the pioneer in the fabrication market? Will you be the first to be able to cut all profiles, even pipes, on your coping robot? Imagine the endless possibilities when the most accurate beam cutting machine in the market is also capable of cutting all other profiles, with unmatched quality cuts as a result.

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Be the first.

Become a fabrication pioneer.
Stay up-to-date to be the first to own the latest beam coping innovation.  

Cutting pipes on a coping robot

For over 35 years HGG is market leader in 3D pipe profiling and the first to deliver a robotic beam profiling machine with reliable pipe profiling capabilities cutting all saddles, chamfers and slots.

What if your beam coping robot could also handle pipes?

We fulfil a long-time desire by introducing a beam coping machine which can profile beams, angle bar, channel, square tubes, but als pipes, plates, T-bars and bulb.

Save up to 20% on fit-up?

We focus on the overall process and save up to 20% in fit-up by making use of plasma layout and text marking, reducing the overall throughput time substantially. 

Become one of the pioneers.

Subscribe today to be among the first to order the new RPC 1200 Mk3 and be the pioneer that will change the fabricating market as we know it untill today. Your local sales representative will contact you once more release information is available. 


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