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Whether you’re a diehard Football Fan who is serious about their Fantasy Football League or just looking for a fun way to earn free promos/discounts for online ordering, the Fantasy Food-Ball League is guaranteed to bring excitement, thrill, and fun to your online ordering experience. 



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2. Under "Join Private Group" enter the ID and password below:
Group ID: 56797
 Password: Salam
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Place Picks

Each week, starting on Tuesday, place your team picks for Thursday, Sunday, and Monday games! You'll have up until 5 mins before Game Time to place your picks and make any last changes!


Bonus Points

Earn 5 Food-Ball Bonus Points (FBBP) every time you place an online order to increase your total score and chances of winning! Look out for Double Food-Ball Bonus Point Weeks!


Win Prizes!

The name of the game is to earn the most points! From Fantasy points to Food-Ball Bonus Points, you want to accrue the most points to win! 2 monthly winners and 1 GRAND PRIZE WINNER!

Fantasy Food-Ball Facts

Weekly Standings Email

  • Sent every Tuesday
  • View Fantasy League Standings (based on Fantasy points only)
  • Your Fantasy Points
  • Your Food-Ball Bonus Points
  • Link to place picks
  • How to earn Food-Ball Bonus Points
  • Maybe a special offer ;)

Monthly Standings Email

  • Sent the second Tuesday of every month during the Football Season
  • Fantasy Food-Ball League standings (based on Fantasy points + Food-Ball Bonus Points)
  • Monthly winners
  • Your total Fantasy Food-Ball Points (Fantasy Points + Bonus Points)
  • Food-Ball Bonus Points for that week
  • Link to place picks

Placing Picks

  • The first game of each week starts on Thursday
  • Games are played on Thursday, Sunday an Monday.
  • Begin placing your picks of the week starting on Tuesday of each week.
  • You can place your picks for the week all at once if you'd like.
  • Placings your picks and making any last changes must be done before 5 MINUTES till Game time for each game.
  • We are not responsible for any technology issues. This includes, but not limited to: picks not goings through, changes not being made, unable to place picks, etc.

Earning Points

  • Earn 1 point for each winning pick you select. We will refer to these points as Fantasy points.
  • You can view your Fantasy points anytime through our league page or through our weekly Tuesday email.
  • Food-Ball Bonus Points (FBBP) are your "secret play". On a weekly basis, only you will know how many FBBP you have earned. 
  • FBBP is how you can increase your total Fantasy Food-Ball Score and sneak up on your competitors to rank higher without them knowing until the second Tuesday of each month.
  • Earn 5 Food-Ball Bonus Points for every online order you place - Look out for Double Bonus Point Weeks!


  • Weekly standings are based on Fantasy Points only.
  • The top teams with the most Fantasy Points will be reflected in the weekly standings.
  • Weekly standings may not reflect the true leaders in Fantasy Food-Ball as the game is to earn the most points - Fantasy Points + Food-Ball Bonus Points.
  • * This is why earning Fantasy Food-Ball Points is your "secret play." 
  • Monthly standings will reflect the current leaders in Fantasy Food-Ball.
  • These standings will show the top teams with the highest scores.
  • These scores are the total combined Fantasy Points + Food-Ball Bonus Points.

Monthly Winners

  • Monthly winners are announced in the monthly standings email.
  • 2 winners will be selected each month.
  • The two winners will be based on the team who has the most Fantasy Points and the team who has the most Fantasy Food-Ball Points (Fantasy Points + Food-Ball Bonus Points.

Grand Prize Winner

  • There will only be ONE (1) GRAND PRIZE WINNER.
  • The Grand Prize Winner will be selected at the end of the Football Season.
  • The Grand Prize Winner will be the team who has the highest Fantasy Food-Ball Score - Fantasy Points + Food-Ball Bonus Points.
  • Stay tuned for details on the Grand Prize ;)

Ready to play Fantasy Food-Ball?

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Group ID: 56797
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    • Signing Up
    • Must be 18 years or older to play.
    • To sign up, you must use the link and login credentials provided above.
    • Please sign up using the same email and name used to place your online order. Fantasy Food-Ball name does not apply to this as this name may be whatever you desire - have fun go food-balls to the walls. 
      • Placing Picks
    • You have up until 5 minutes before the start of each game, to get that game's picks in and make any last minute changes.  
    • We are not responsible for any Technology or Fantasy League website issues. We hold zero responsibility if you are unable to place picks, if picks or changes did not go through, etc. 
      • Your Results
    • Every Tuesday, you will receive an email with your results. This will include your Fantasy Points , Food-Ball Bonus Points, link to submit your new picks of the week, Food-Ball Bonus points you can earn that week, and possible special offers for online ordering.
    • If you don’t receive an email, check your spam or maybe use a real email next time when placing an online order ;)  
    • You can view your Fantasy Points at any time through our league page.
      • Food-Ball Bonus Points
    • Food-Ball Bonus Points can ONLY be earned by placing an online order through our website or app unless stated otherwise. Dining-in, ordering through a 3rd party website, or ordering via phone call are not eligible for earning Food-Ball Bonus Points.
    • If you do not see your Bonus Points reflected in your email please click HERE to send us an email with the name and email used to place the order, order confirmation number, date the order was placed, and your Fantasy Food-Ball Team Name.
      • Winners
    • 2 winners will be selected each month. One winner will be determined by the most Fantasy Points earned, the other winner will be determined by the most Fantasy Food-Ball Points earned (Fantasy points + Food-Ball Bonus Points).
      • Person with the most points at the end of the season will be our Fantasy Food-Ball League MVP and awarded our Grand Prize - this is the total points from Fantasy Points and Food-Ball Bonus Points.
      • We reserve the right to make changes to this competition at any time.